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online, offline, aroundline
Space = on, off, around a line
Space = a line accompanying the distances
between what is and what is not around it

Copy of 2021 10 28 expo sleepwalkers 0088web.jpg

"An exile is not only one's own absenting from a defined space, but also a consent to a fictive reverie  suspended outside time and space. The space we occupy means more than 'place', more than an area measurable in sq meters that we can occupy with our physical body. Work space, home or the place of exile become more of a nomadic mental repertoire situated at closer or farther distances from our physical location."

"Sleepwalkers  aroundline  occupies  a  space reminiscent  of  the  corporate  offline,  of  the  9  to 5  pattern,  a  physical  place  now  functioning  as host  to  the  finished  art  work.  However,  art does  not  "parasitize"  the  space  but,  by occupying  it,  it  ameliorates  it. The  subconscious  archive  in  which  the  works of  the  two  artists  are  anchored,  brings  together interwoven  images  of  scenes  which  have  been already  seen  with  ones  never  witnessed  before. Déjà  vu is  therefore  not  completely abandoned,  but  inscribed  with  those  fantastic lines  discovered  in  the  fictive  exile  from reality.  Like  sleep-walking.  Like  walking (through)    the  subconscious.  Like  walking aroundline."

Copy of 2021 10 28 expo sleepwalkers 0089web.jpg
Copy of 2021 10 28 expo sleepwalkers 0060web.jpg

"The fact that Mircea But spends his time close to the land, in a rural environment where earth is primarily soil rather than just a base for concrete, is a form of physical exile. But his paintings have been seduced by landscape before he was drawn to living in the countryside. The catalyst in this exodus is the sense of limitation in the local climate, but can also be the desire to expose himself to those unforeseen images from nature that remain untamed even after being exposed to the gaze."

Price: 3000 €

"What permeated his imagination in  prior paintings as an inverted  metabolism of the tree-entity, with its  roots growing empty in the sky,  orientated upwards, remains present  only in the subconscious now. The tree  entity becomes a part of a revised and  altered whole metabolism. In this  exhibition, the absence of figure in Mircea But's landscapes is just a trompe-l'œil, whereby the gaze searches for a human figure as a landmark for a personage.


"As  one  cannot see  a  human  figure,  maybe  just  transient  in these  imaginary  spaces,  one  could  easily comprehend  his  works  as  landscapes  without personages.  His  landscape  is  a  character  in itself,  whose  organic  elements  are  tangled  in the  proximity  of  fragments  of  domestic buildings.  This  animated  skeleton,  the personage-landscape,  is  not  tamed,  but  left  in an  almost  romantic,  sublime  way  to  seize  all the  lines  of  space.

Copy of 2021 10 28 expo sleepwalkers 0073web.jpg

"David  Farcaș  is  also  in  exile.  He  finds  this place  in  a  mental  space  rather  than  a  physical one.  The  "place"  of  exile  yields  primacy  to  the "space"  of  exile."

Copy of 2021 10 28 expo sleepwalkers 0064web.jpg

Price: 4500 €

"If  until  recently,  his  stimulus materialized  by  reinterpreting  details  from early  Renaissance  painting,  in  this  inward delving,  he  allows  his  stock  of  images  to  melt and  intertwine  homogeneously  with untranslatable  subconscious  emotions."

Price: 7000 €